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My name is Sharon Hill and I'm the owner of Brennan's Fish House.  I bought this wonderful business in May 2006 from Tim and Betty Brennan. I had worked for Tim and Betty for a number of years as a hostess. I knew  it was for sale and if it sold I would have to leave because it would change too much and I loved it as it was. One day I thought, if I bought it - it would not have to change that much. That put me on a 7 month journey to restaurant ownership. Serving wonderful food in a historic building to great customers is what makes me happy.

            Keeping a good thing going

Former workers of Brennan’s Fish House become its owners

Brandon C. Baker 
The News Herald  

“When you commit yourself to something like this, it’s scary and exhilarating at the same time.  But we knew we were hard-working people and we’d make a go of it.” 

The historical presence inside Brennan’s Fish House is nearly strong enough to make patrons forget what they planned to eat.

Aside from walls full of collectibles, the actual building, 102 River St. Grand River Village, is nearly 200 years old.

While the structure served as a billiards hall in the early 1900’s area residents have come to  know Brennan’s as a fixture for fresh fish.  

“You can talk to anybody in Lake County and say ‘Brennan’s,’ and they’ll know what you’re talking about,” owner Steve Hill said.

Steve and his wife, Sharon, took over Brennan’s in May after 31 years of operation by former owners Tim and Betty Brennan.


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